Senior Software Developer (Toronto, Ontario, CA)

Preferable Location(s): Toronto, Canada
Work Type: Full Time

As a senior member of the HomeX Engineering team, you’ll be responsible for system architecture, design, implementation, and operation of an in-house video conferencing solution that provides remote diagnosis and remote resolution of home services.

About You

You’re a full stack developer with extensive experience of creating simple solutions to complex problems. You’re comfortable with taking ambiguous requirements directly from customers and working with your fellow engineers to deliver products and services for use by those customers. You’re able to balance rapid delivery of functional requirements while holding yourself and your peers to the highest standards, and keep maintainability and extensibility top of mind. 

You have a solid grasp of well architected software and systems principles including security, operational excellence, cost optimisation, scalability and resilience. You know that all these principles are important and are able to articulate their importance to your technical peers and non technical audiences to ensure they’re dealt with appropriately. You understand how to operate systems in an always on, 24 x 7 x 365 environment, and have a continuous improvement mindset that you apply proactively and reactively to ensure the highest level of service possible.

You’re a hands-on leader and role model for the other members of your team and company. You put an emphasis on growing the next generation by giving them the tools to learn and grow professionally and personally.

You’re driven by delivering maximum value at all times and have the business acumen and pragmatism to make trade offs that balance short term gain with long term benefits. You enjoy working in a scrappy, startup environment where the only constant is change, and adapting to change is something you thrive on. You’re a team player who values working with colleagues across disciplines including but not limited to Design, R&D, and Product Management. You understand that establishing and maintaining strong partnerships allows you to deeply understand what customers want and need - whether they know it or not - and constantly exceed their expectations.

Key Qualifications

  • Minimum of 4 years industry experience, with at least 1 year in a senior developer role.
  • Experience with CI/CD, automated testing, release management, canary deployments, test in production.
  • Significant practical experience of designing, developing and operating software implemented in Node.js and TypeScript.
  • Experience operating production systems including monitoring, alerting, and incident response.
  • Experience designing and developing RESTful web services and ideally with GraphQL.
  • Working knowledge of deployment in cloud based environments.
  • Web development experience with React, Material-UI, Express.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience with GCP managed services, and with serverless architectures in particular.
  • Experience with MongoDB or other NoSQL databases including performance optimization.
  • Understanding of PubSub or similar event streaming technology.
  • Experience with Twilio programmable video API or similar real-time communication technology.

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